Gekisha Boy / 激写ボーイ  
Name   JP   Gekisha Boy / 激写ボーイ  
Veröffentlichung   02.10.1992 (¥7000)
Developer   Irem / アイレム
Publisher   Irem / アイレム
Medium   HuCard (4M)
Genre   Action
Produktnummer   IC04007
Spielart   Normal
Spezielles   Irem Vol. 7
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Verfasst am 28.11.2007 03:17:43 von Tatsujin
one of the funniest and most innovative game ever released. the imaginativeness of the leveldesign and gameplay is the biggest merit of the game. there are hunderts of well placed parodies taken from games, animes and movies. the different IREM!

remark: there is a simple 1500 release of that game for the PSX (jp) out, which can be found for quite cheap nowadays. it also includes new stages and a save function for each level.
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