Power Gate / パワーゲイト  
Name   JP   Power Gate / パワーゲイト  
Veröffentlichung   30.08.1991 (¥6200)
Developer   Pack-In-Video/Make Software / パック・イン・ビデオ/メイクソフトウェア
Publisher   Pack-In-Video/Make Software / パック・イン・ビデオ/メイクソフトウェア
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Shoot'em Up Horizontal
Produktnummer   PV1008
Spielart   Normal
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Score: 8.0 / 10
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Verfasst am 15.07.2018 00:21:46 von Gao
I bought this looking for some PCE kusoge, and much to my disappointment, aside from the graphics, this game turned out to be pretty damn good. The music's great, it's well paced, the power ups are fun to use, and it controls well. I feel like if this game had gotten the visual presentation it deserved, it would be considered one of the better shmups on the console. Give this game the chance it deserves.
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