Spin Pair / スピンペア  
Name   JP   Spin Pair / スピンペア  
    US   Tale Spin  
Veröffentlichung   14.12.1990 (¥5900)
Developer   Media Rings / メディアリング
Publisher   Media Rings / メディアリング
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Puzzle
Produktnummer   MR90002
Spielart   Normal
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Score: 7.0 / 10
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Verfasst am 15.04.2017 01:33:11 von Gao
While I had fun with this game, it's not quite what I would call a classic. Keeping track of both color and angle feels like it might be a bit too much to keep track of easily at once, particularly if they wanted us to plan out chains. It's also a bit weird that one of those factors has to match, while the other has to be the opposite. I've played enough puzzle games that my instinct to match like with like kept screwing me up, even after I played a while. And games with color matching need to make sure that the colors instantly stand out against each other, while this game occasionally will do things like have two different shades of pink that you need to be careful of. Still it works despite these issues, and it's worth picking up given its low price. It's at least better than Puzznic or Panic bomber.
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