Time Ball  
Name   US   Time Ball  
    JP   Blodia / ブロディア  
Veröffentlichung   1990
Developer   Nec / Hudson Soft/Manuel C.
Publisher   Nec / Hudson Soft/Manuel C.
Medium   HuCard (1 Mbits)
Genre   Puzzle
Produktnummer   TGX020034
Spielart   Normal
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Score: 2.0 / 10
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Verfasst am 22.05.2020 07:44:12 von Reks
Finally beat this game! I searched the internet to see if anyone had done it before and there is 1 Japanese guy who did it on Nico video but he did it on slow speed instead of the default normal. If I ever got stuck on a level I would try to copy his strategy but quite often this didnt work because he was keen on taking full advantage of the extra time, in a way actually that I think the game wasnt meant to be played in. Id say about 25% of the time his strategy would work perfectly, 25% of the time it would be completely inapplicable on normal speed, and the rest of the time it wouldnt work but it did put me in the right direction and often a modified version would work. A strange thing happened with this game: After the first 15 levels the difficulty skyrockets and keeps getting harder UNTIL level 91, at which point not only are the levels easier, but the design is noticeably different. The levels feel like they were designed for a human to have fun again, for the first time since around level 15. Level 100 took me 10 mins to solve, and by comparison there were levels in the 20s where I gave up after hours and watched the guy playing easy mode for a strategy. If I had to guess what happened I think the devs were feeling the time crunch after 15 or so levels and just started throwing stuff together and paying some minimum wage testers to play it for hours until it was confirmed solvable eventually and approved for the game. Then when they had 10 levels left they started to relax and actually design the levels around fun again. I beat 7 of the last 10 levels without consulting the nico video, while for 80-90 I probably beat 2 or 3 without consulting it for comparison.

Verfasst am 20.02.2008 04:23:04 von guyjin
release date 1990.
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