Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman 3 - Ikai No Prinzess / 改造町人シュビビンマン3 異界のプリンセス  
Name   JP   Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman 3 - Ikai No Prinzess / 改造町人シュビビンマン3 異界のプリンセス  
Veröffentlichung   28.02.1992 (¥6800)
Developer   Masaya (NCS) / メサイヤ(日本コンピューターシステム)
Publisher   Masaya (NCS) / メサイヤ(日本コンピューターシステム)
Medium   CD-ROM²
Genre   Platform
Produktnummer   NSCD2010
Spielart   Normal
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Score: 7.5 / 10
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Verfasst am 12.08.2018 23:25:51 von CIT
Beautiful graphics and cutscenes, but too bad that the stiff controls, lack of challenge, and the generally unfinished feel of the stages make this a lesser title.

Verfasst am 18.04.2013 04:05:26 von ELabit
It might be pretty but I like the first one the best still

Verfasst am 25.06.2011 22:08:20 von Gao
I have mixed feelings on this game. One one hand, there's a lot of variety, it plays pretty well, and it's definitely one of the best looking games on the system, particularly considering that it's not even a Super CD game. The problem is that it feels like it's half a game, if that. It's only about 30 minutes long, and it stops right when the game feels like it's getting good. There are signs that they wanted to do more. For instance, there's a wall jump mechanic, but there's a grand total of one time where you ever use it. Seems like an odd thing to put in if you're barely going to use it. It's a shame that it's so incomplete, because if they had more time, this could easily have been the PC Engine's great platformer.

Verfasst am 12.03.2011 17:02:35 von grahf
This game gets good review, but I wasn't impressed. The controls are bad, especially the jumping. That doesn't matter usually because there isn't much platforming involved. Half of the levels are simple "run right, press attack really fast, repeat". It does have a bunch of parts that are impressive graphically, and it's -almost- fun, but it just didn't do it for me.

Verfasst am 26.06.2010 15:56:36 von JapanTokei_forever
Nice platformer, think cute-megamen. This is a very pretty game for a non-Super CD.
Powerups are cool, you can even ride in huge robots that is half the size of the screen! Great sprites usage. Platformers aren't really my cup of coffee but this one is def worthy to collect!
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