Aero Blaster / エアロブラスターズ  
Name   JP   Aero Blaster / エアロブラスターズ  
    US   Aero Blasters  
Veröffentlichung   02.11.1990 (¥6500)
Developer   Hudson/Inter State/Kaneko / ハドソン/インターステート/カネコ
Publisher   Hudson/Inter State/Kaneko / ハドソン/インターステート/カネコ
Medium   HuCard (4 Mbit)
Genre   Shoot'em Up Horizontal
Produktnummer   HC90038
Spielart   Normal
Anzahl Spieler   1-2
Seltenheit   Unüblich
Benötigte Japanischkenntnisse   Keine
Hudson Volume   33
Spezielles   2 Player Modus (gleichzeitig)
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Verfasst am 10.01.2011 22:06:19 von ddd123
Hard as hell, But fun. The graphics are not better than genesis and arcade, But Hudson made this port as faithful as they could considering the system's technical and space limitations. 7.5/10

Verfasst am 01.11.2007 07:55:30 von amakusa666
I always felt this to be a stand up port of the arcade game. The colors were really well done and the details were all spot on for the most part. I really loved the music back when I was a teen and this was one of the first titles I got for the system,and I still feel the same way about the music now,esp the second stage music.

The Genesis/MegaDrive had some better backgound effects and all,but over all this port was not far behind it visually enough to make you gripe. 9 out of 10 for me here.
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