Tengai Makyou - Deden No Den Kabuki / 天外魔境 電々の伝 カブキ  
Name   JP   Tengai Makyou - Deden No Den Kabuki / 天外魔境 電々の伝 カブキ  
Veröffentlichung   1994
Developer   RED
Publisher   Hudson Soft
Medium   Super CD-ROM² (1 Disc)
Genre   Action
Produktnummer   HCD4064
Spielart   Promo
Anzahl Spieler   1-2
Seltenheit   Selten
Benötigte Japanischkenntnisse   Keine
Spezielles   20000 Exemplare hergestellt (Vermutung)
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Verfasst am 16.04.2011 01:01:02 von senshi
$17 + shipping from game of Japan for me.

Verfasst am 06.11.2007 22:29:33 von nat
What Sign of Zeta said, although I need to add that unlike the "real" Bomberman '94, there is no option here to fight against the CPU in the battle mode. You HAVE to have at least one other human player. Or you don't play. It's fine for what it is, but because they took out the option to fight against CPU players, I rate it only 5/10.

Verfasst am 28.10.2007 17:59:44 von SignOfZeta
Since this is a promo, a real review isn't fair. Its basically Bomberman '94, but everyone is Kabuki. Only one board. No single player mode. A very cool nick-knack, but make sure you have the simply fantastic Bomberman '94 before you spend three times the money on this.
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