Galaxy Fraulein Yuna / 銀河お嬢様伝説ユナ  
Name   JP   Galaxy Fraulein Yuna / 銀河お嬢様伝説ユナ  
Veröffentlichung   23.10.1992 (¥6800)
Developer   Hudson/Red, will / ハドソン/レッド, ウィル
Publisher   Hudson/Red, will / ハドソン/レッド, ウィル
Medium   Super CD-ROM²
Genre   Adventure
Produktnummer   HCD2031
Spielart   Normal
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Score: 9.5 / 10
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Verfasst am 21.04.2009 19:54:48 von ShiroKusanagi
The digital comic that sparked a multimedia franchise. Galaxy Fraulein Yuna spawned two sequel games, a spinoff game for PC-FX, two anime OVAs, several CD Dramas, and more. I have the Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Collection for PSP, and it is a stellar game. Its credits feature some well-known names in the world of '90s anime, with music composed by Takanori Arisawa (legendary for his musical scores to ALL FIVE Sailor Moon anime series, as well as related movies and OVAs), and both scenario and character designs by Mika Akitaka (Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket). Yuna herself is portrayed by seiyuu Chisa Yokoyama (best known as the voice of Sasami in Tenchi Muyo! and Sakura Shinguji in Sakura Wars). Overall, 10 out of 10!
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