Daichi-kun Crisis / 大地くんクライシス  
Name   JP   Daichi-kun Crisis / 大地くんクライシス  
Veröffentlichung   22.11.1989 (¥6400)
Developer   Salio / サリオ
Publisher   Salio / サリオ
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Simulation
Produktnummer   SL01001
Spielart   Normal
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Score: 7.5 / 10
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Verfasst am 06.06.2015 01:22:20 von DigiPiggychan
I love this game. Little known harvest moon agriculture sim meets, strategy RPG meets action adventure game. Takes a while to understand what to do but once you get going it gets addictive. Game can get quite hard and frustrating. Certainly need a back up RAM for this can the game can take a long time before you clear it. You take control of Daichi Kun and his companions. The witch Jaren has created volcanoes on your land. Over time these volcanoes bring greenery to the land but one day the volcanoe erupted and out spewed volcanic ash that was toxic to vegetation. and somehow a 'Black Path' was created unleashing monsters from the crater. Clear the toxic ashes, fight monsters, raise and harvest crops, sell them at Port Town during certain times of the year, make money, buy power ups, grow trees and bring back the green life to the island. You might find a boss or two waiting for you!

Verfasst am 17.05.2014 19:15:01 von woolfman
Neat little game about a buch of animals trying to survive a catastrophe.
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