Kaze No Densetsu Xanadu / 風の伝説ザナドゥ  
Name   JP   Kaze No Densetsu Xanadu / 風の伝説ザナドゥ  
Veröffentlichung   18.02.1994 (¥7800)
Developer   NEC Home Electronics/Falcom / NECホームエレクトロニクス/日本ファルコム
Publisher   NEC Home Electronics/Falcom / NECホームエレクトロニクス/日本ファルコム
Medium   Super CD-ROM²
Genre   Action Role Playing Game
Produktnummer   HECD4006
Spielart   Normal
CD Case
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Score: 9.5 / 10
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Verfasst am 24.10.2015 01:49:15 von jtucci31
Xanadu is such a magnificent game jam packed with so much it will make your head explode. This has easily become my favorite PCE game by far. I had built up so much anticipation wanting to play this game and when I finally sat down to play through it all, there was no stopping me. It isn't easy at parts and will get frustrating, but it's just as rewarding in the end. I'd recommend it to anyone, but only people willing to put in the time and effort. It's great. It's Xanadu. It's Falcom. And it's on the PC Engine. Play. It.

Verfasst am 04.08.2009 20:25:20 von dongloton
Great cutscenes, great storyline, great graphics and sound. Great game. A must.

Verfasst am 07.07.2008 22:49:28 von nat
From the same group that brought us the Ys series comes a RPG with very similar play mechanics, but also some significant differences. After every overhead area, you play a sidescrolling action platformer level. The Legend of Xanadu is a gigantic game, 12 areas total, all with enormous maps. The final area is a 32 story tower, for example. It makes Darm Tower (of Ys) look like a toddler's puzzle. The "battle system" is the same as Ys-- simply charge full speed at your enemy to obliterate the opposition. What really makes Xanadu stand out for me are the intricate puzzles every step of the way, the beautiful vibrant graphics (seriously some of the best on the console), the spectacular music, and the awesome cutscenes. I played through this game with very little knowledge of Japanese although there was one or two spots in the extensive journey that had me fully stumped, I had to refer to a walkthrough. By and large however, I solved this one on my own. For newcomers the game will start off fairly slowly, it doesn't *really* pick up a lot of steam until Area 3. However anyone who starts playing this gem really owes it to themself to see it through to the end. After ever area and sidescrolling stage you are treated to a killer cutscene, although a few stand out more than others (I seem to recall the one after area 3 being a favorite). The last three areas are really just insanely good, and help build anticipation for the climax in the clouds. One of my favorite areas is the final 32 floor tower which boasts level after level of unique puzzles, the entire ordeal being dialogue-free. The final cinema and credit roll is near orgasmic, probably a result of both the feeling of victory and the fantastic track that accompanies. This game comes highly recommended to JRPG fans, and I firmly believe if this game had been localized for the USA in full English it would have outsold the blockbuster Ys, no contest. 10/10.
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