Deep Blue  
Name   US   Deep Blue  
    JP   Deep Blue / ディープブルー・海底神話  
Veröffentlichung   1989 ($29.99)
Developer   Nec / Pac-In-Video
Publisher   Nec / Pac-In-Video
Medium   HuCard (2 Mbits)
Genre   Shoot'em Up Horizontal
Produktnummer   TGX020012
Spielart   Normal
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Score: 7.5 / 10
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Verfasst am 20.02.2008 04:25:13 von guyjin
release date 1989.

Verfasst am 17.01.2008 06:15:27 von nat
An underwater shooter that has a bad rap because it is too hard for most players. Speaking as someone who has cleared the game, it's not that bad. It is difficult, but don't fault the game if your playing isn't up to snuff. Deep Blue actually sports some pretty nice underwater visuals, especially for a 1989/90 release. All levels have different layers of scrolling which is used well to create a real feeling of depth, and some stages especially 2 and 4 are just beautiful. Deep Blue is especially tough because it is usually hard to avoid getting hit, and when you do, your weapon downgrades one level. You can pick up powerups for different weapons, but the arsenal is kind of lacking. The swirl cutter weapon is the best, especially if you power it up a couple levels. You only have one life, but you have a life meter that slowly depletes as you get hit. If you avoid getting hit, it will slowly replenish itself. I like this, it's a fresh change from most shooters. The music is hit and miss. Every stage starts with a unique theme song and then when you reach the middle of a stage instead of a mid-boss, the music changes to a frantic number and you find yourself in a frenzy of oncoming foe. This frantic tune can be a little grating but most of the actual level themes are pretty atmospheric. Overall, not a perfect game by far, but a fun one nonetheless that doesn't necessarily deserve it's bad reputation. Unless you suck at shooters. I give 7/10.
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