Nexzr / ネクスザール Bei Playasia kaufen!  
Name   JP   Nexzr / ネクスザール  
Veröffentlichung   11.12.1992 (¥7400)
Developer   naxat / ナグザット
Publisher   naxat / ナグザット
Medium   Super CD-ROM² (1 Disc)
Genre   Shoot'em Up Vertical
Produktnummer   NXCD2014
Spielart   Normal
Anzahl Spieler   1
Seltenheit   Selten
Benötigte Japanischkenntnisse   Keine
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Score: 9.5 / 10
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Verfasst am 28.07.2013 01:07:20 von Bardoly
I'm going to call this game a solid '7 out of 10', which in my book is a very good game. If its power-up system were a bit more robust and/or it had a 2-player simultaneous option, then it could easily be a 9/10 out of 10. While this game is rather difficult, it is not impossible like some other shoot-'em-ups. (I'm looking at you, Zero Wing.) The presentation of this game is simply great, with the graphics and music being incredible.

Verfasst am 25.12.2011 06:13:07 von JapanTokei_forever
Amazing. I just bought this finally, it is simply incredible. The entire feel of the game is just right - music is kick ass, the way graphics / scrolling / presentation of enemies, attack patterns, boss tendencies are all genius. Power-ups are finely tuned and not overloading like the Star Soldier series... very balanced and useful weapons. I fell in love right away. very challenging in deed. I was able to get to stage 2 on first try without losing a life, but died completely on stage 3. This will be a title I keep coming back to. again, WOW.

Verfasst am 27.04.2008 15:32:54 von Nintega
Terrific shooter! Nice graphics, cool music, and tough as nails gameplay. My only complaint is they could have added more weapons to use. Overall I think it is worth every penny of your are a diehard shooter fan. 9/10
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