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Veröffentlichung   22.06.1990 (¥6800)
Developer   NEC Avenue/Alfa System / NECアベニュー/アルファ・システム
Publisher   NEC Avenue/Alfa System / NECアベニュー/アルファ・システム
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Shoot'em Up Horizontal
Produktnummer   NAPH-1007
Spielart   Normal
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Verfasst am 08.07.2012 08:46:31 von ELabit
Wow what an awesome game. Everyone should own this as it's cheap and totally awesome. There are some really impressive visuals in this game. The music is pretty rockin too. Anyone should be able to pick this one up and get into it. The continue system makes it playable for novice shooter fans but it is also challenging and makes you want to clear it on one life. Highly recommended!

Verfasst am 15.03.2011 17:00:26 von grahf
This would be a good game, but the cut scenes make it a great one. In much the same was an Ninja Gaiden did on the NES, they just make it feel like more than a hucard game. There isn't a ton of variety weapon wise, but there are enough choices to be interesting. The graphics are average in some places, but really blow you away in others. A great game for anyone who likes shooters. It's not incredibly long or difficult, but you'll have fun.

Verfasst am 05.02.2008 02:30:05 von nat
Download is about as good as it gets for a cartridge-based horizontal shooter on the Turbo/PCE. It's up there with the likes of R-Type, Air Zonk (PC Denjin), etc. Rockin' chip tunes as you blast your way through a futuristic city being overtaken by a cybernetic brain. I couldn't put it down 'til I conquered it. Features a unique powerup and life system you won't find in any other shooter. Great graphics are just icing on the cake. 10/10.
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