Bonk 3 CD: Bonk's Big Adventure  
Name   US   Bonk 3 CD: Bonk's Big Adventure  
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Medium   Super CD-ROM²
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Spielart   Normal
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bonk_3_cd:_bonk's_big_adventure_us_1   bonk_3_cd:_bonk's_big_adventure_us_2    
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Verfasst am 25.06.2011 22:23:33 von Gao
I was really disappointed in Bonk 3. The growing shrinking gimmick really doesn't feel like it adds anything to the game (and the levels rarely give you a reason to use them), the levels are big but boringly laid out, the boss battles don't feel right, the music sucks, and it's easier than the previous titles. It really isn't worth paying the exorbitant price this game goes for, particularly when the previous two Bonk games were so much better.
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