Genpei Toumaden / Ghost Samurai / 源平討魔伝  
Name   JP   Genpei Toumaden / Ghost Samurai / 源平討魔伝  
    US   Samurai Ghost  
Veröffentlichung   16.03.1990 (¥6800)
Developer   Namcot / ナムコ
Publisher   Namcot / ナムコ
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Action
Produktnummer   NC90001
Spielart   Normal
CD Case
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Score: 4.5 / 10
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Verfasst am 10.05.2014 14:39:30 von opticalnoise
I hated this game when I first played it but now it's starting to grow on me. It's got tight controls and gameplay, the graphics (in big mode, especially) are great, and it's got a decent amount of challenge alongside unlimited continues. Downsides are, no save/password system, and the plot and setting can be confusing for a non Japanese. If you have some patience to take the time to 'get it', you will be rewarded greatly. My score: 7/10

Verfasst am 20.07.2013 01:01:32 von VenomMacbeth
Worth it for the artistry alone, this is an excellent port of a beautiful arcade game. Requires a LOT of patience to complete, though. You can access a secret options menu by pressing the following button combination after pressing start at the title screen: Up + Right + Down + Left + I + II
If you can't read Japanese, the menu options are as follows:
Difficulty - Choose between normal (いはら), easy (あんい), or hard (くなん)
Candles - Your life force, you can start with four (四) to seven (七)
Cutscenes/Narration (toggles the screens where the old lady nags you on/off)
Sound Effects/Music Test
Voice Effects Test


Verfasst am 27.04.2008 16:07:59 von Nintega
Like China Warrior, people aren't playing this game correctly. Your sword gets weaker when enemies block your attacks or hit stones so you have to get as many purple crystals as possible to enhanced its strength. Rapidly pressing the jump button while in midair during the non zoomed levels lets to get to higher platformers. Also the object of the game is to collect a charm, mirror, and sword all in one path in order to kill the last boss and if you do get to the last level without all those in your possession you are screwed. The biggest flaw in this game IMO is you can't backtrack to other levels to find these 3 well hidden items so you have no choice to replay this game many times to find a way to get all 3 items at once. Overall I give this a 7/10.

Verfasst am 18.01.2008 02:39:10 von nat
Worst game on the system. 1/10.
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