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Name   JP   1943 Kai / 1943改  
Release date   03/22/1991 (¥7200)
Developer   naxat/Capcom / ナグザット/カプコン
Publisher   naxat/Capcom / ナグザット/カプコン
Medium   HuCard (4 MBit)
Genre   Shoot'em Up Vertical
Product number   NX91002
Release Type   Normal
Number of players   2
Rarity   Uncommon
Japanese language skills needed   None
CD Case
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Added on 08/05/2015 20:33:57 by deubeul
The "KAI" from the title stands for the 6 extra levels added to the 6 originals from the arcade. And what levels!!! that's a tottally different game from there, NAXAT powered! Everything blows up all in a sudden, level-up ship, awesome music with fantastic drumset, upgraded graphics, and huge amount of sprites and bullets everywhere, not far from a manic!
Without the 6 first levels, would have been top 5 on PcE, but there's a cheat to start at level 7, so ...

Added on 08/27/2008 15:43:59 by CooperTeam9000
This shooter is no different than the arcade version. The only difference is the plain you fly and a couple of graphic changes. Other than that, there is very little difference from teh arcade version.
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