Arcade Card Pro / アーケードカードPRO  
Name   JP   Arcade Card Pro / アーケードカードPRO  
Release date   03/12/1994 (¥17800)
Developer   NEC Home Electronics / NECホームエレクトロニクス
Publisher   NEC Home Electronics / NECホームエレクトロニクス
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Add-on
Product number   -
Release Type   Normal
Number of players   1
Rarity   Very common
Japanese language skills needed   None
CD Case
arcade_card_pro_jp_2   arcade_card_pro_jp_3    
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Score: 10 / 10
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Added on 08/07/2014 23:47:13 by woolfman
Great card, will give you additional sound and video bits on some games supporting it, and gives you less loading times.

Added on 09/18/2010 19:21:20 by Mathius
Why are people marking this card as cleared?

Added on 06/26/2010 15:53:29 by JapanTokei_forever
This is a fatty and thick system card. Do not waste your time getting other types, go straight for this one for your gaming needs on the PCE !! It works on Duos too, so you might as well as get the most flexible one, so it can work even on older CDRom2 only systems. I use my to play Sappire :)
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