Ninja Spirit - Saigo No Nindou / 最後の忍道  
Name   JP   Ninja Spirit - Saigo No Nindou / 最後の忍道  
    US   Ninja Spirit  
Release date   07/06/1990 (¥7000)
Developer   Irem / アイレム
Publisher   Irem / アイレム
Medium   HuCard (4M)
Genre   Action
Product number   IC02004
Release Type   Normal
Special   Irem Vol. 4
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Score: 9.0 / 10
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Added on 03/06/2010 14:19:08 by JapanTokei
Fabulous game. In my opinion this is the BEST ninja game on PC Engine. I would say it even kicks Shinobi's A** (I mean the MEgaDrive/Genesis versions). Really under appreciated. Incredible game considering this came out in 1990 thats 20 years ago!!!

Added on 12/31/2007 03:32:01 by CIT
One of the great classic games from Irem, and an amazingly faithful port from the arcade. Every PC Engine gamer needs this!
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