Ninja Spirit  
Name   US   Ninja Spirit  
    JP   Ninja Spirit - Saigo No Nindou / 最後の忍道  
Release date   1990 ($49.99)
Developer   Nec / Irem
Publisher   Nec / Irem
Medium   HuCard (4 Mbits)
Genre   Action
Product number   TGX040050
Release Type   Normal
Special   Irem Vol. 4
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Score: 9.0 / 10
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Added on 01/26/2011 22:53:55 by bernielindell
When someone talks about the Ninja Gaiden series for the NES, this game comes to my mind. I was always impressed with how fluid the character was on screen. This game, just wiped out all competition in the ninja slashing type games of the day. I still enjoy this game tremedously to this day.
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