Obocchama-kun / おぼっちゃまくん  
Name   JP   Obocchama-kun / おぼっちゃまくん  
Release date   03/15/1991 (¥6800)
Developer   Namcot/Pack-In-Video / ナムコ/パック・イン・ビデオ
Publisher   Namcot/Pack-In-Video / ナムコ/パック・イン・ビデオ
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Action
Product number   NC91001
Release Type   Normal
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Score: 6.5 / 10
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Added on 07/07/2017 03:30:55 by Gao
I don't get why anyone likes this for reasons beyond "it has wacky Japanese stuff in it." The collision detection is terrible, with you sometimes dying from enemies that didn't quite touch you and other times dying from jumping on an enemy in exactly the way that killed it last time. You die in one hit, and it forces you to start a stage over every time you die, even if it was at the boss at the end of a stage. And a lot of the enemies just suddenly pop out and kill you, so you need to either memorize levels or carefully inch along them. The difficulty curve is all over the place, with 1-3 easily being the hardest in the entire game, and some later stages being a cake walk. The level design is just basic and bland. And even the "wackiness" culminates in the protagonist dropping his pants and forcing people to touch his junk after some levels, making it more uncomfortable than anything. It's surprising that this game isn't more often lumped in with stuff like Energy or Deep blue. It's poorly designed, poorly programmed garbage. Avoid.

Added on 01/29/2008 07:08:33 by Keranu
Insanely awesome game! Highly, highly recommended!
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