Override / オーバーライド  
Name   JP   Override / オーバーライド  
Release date   01/08/1991 (¥6500)
Developer   Data East/Sting / データイースト/スティング
Publisher   Data East/Sting / データイースト/スティング
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Shoot'em Up Vertical
Product number   DE90006
Release Type   Normal
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Score: 8.5 / 10
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Added on 08/26/2015 05:38:50 by Bardoly
I rated this fast-paced vertical shoot-'em-up as an '8 out of 10'. I played through and beat this game today without too much difficulty, and I am not an expert shoot-'em-up gamer, but more of a slog-through-the-game-using-as-many-live-and-continues-as-necessary type of gamer.

While a bit more basic than some other shoot-'em-ups, the game is actually quite fun! The worst that I can say about it is that the backgrounds of some stages can be somewhat bland, and it does not support 2-player. Other than that, it's just plain good. It has your basic pea-shooter which can be upgraded up to 5 times with 'P' power-ups which are quite prolific, and it has 4 different types of external weapons pods which can be upgraded up to 3 times. You also have a 3-hit shield allowing you to take 4 hits before you die and lose all of your power-ups. You can also get a shield power-up which will refill your shield by 1 hit. You may also adjust the speed of your ship in-game between 3 levels. I prefer the 2nd speed level.

The best thing about this game may be the special attack. If you just stop shooting and dodge bullets, your special attack will charge up, and when fired, it releases a screen-wiping blast of fire which will also destroy enemy projectiles! It is unlimited, so this adds an element of strategy to this game where at times, one's best option to beat a level or boss may be to not blindly turbo-fire your main weapon and simply dodge and blast, dodge and blast. I personally found the level 4 boss to be the most difficult, and spent quite a bit of time on him. Imagine my dismay when confronted by him again in the 6th (last) stage with a boss rush. :/

Overall this game is quite worthy of a place in the game library of anyone who enjoys shoot-'em-ups.

Added on 11/19/2008 23:17:21 by HypeG
Definitely a treadmill for the shmup playing brain

Added on 12/31/2007 03:28:10 by CIT
Exteremely fast shooting game similar to the Star Soldier series. Unfortunately it is way too easy, and the graphics could have used some more detail as well.
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