Bonk's Big Adventure  
Name   US   Bonk's Big Adventure  
    JP   PC Genjin 3 / PC原人3  
Release date   1993
Developer   Nec / Hudson Soft/Red
Publisher   Nec / Hudson Soft/Red
Medium   HuCard (8 Mbits)
Genre   Action
Product number   TGX080097
Release Type   Normal
CD Case
bonk's_big_adventure_us_1   bonk's_big_adventure_us_2    
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Added on 02/01/2008 06:28:53 by nat
This game gets knocked for taking too much from the first two Bonk adventures. (Well, duh. Why fix what isn't broken?) Nobody ever praises it for what it does better, however. While there are a few minor points that are heavily reminiscent of part 2 (Bonk's Revenge), the vast majority of the levels are fresh. This is the game that also introduced the "big and small" candies, while somewhat gimmicky, they were a great addition to Bonk's meat and veg diet. It works within the cartoony confines of the Bonk universe and the way some of the bonus rounds utilize them is quite clever. The game is huge, much longer than the previous two games, definitely living up to it's name. Graphics are the best the series has ever seen here, with gameplay to match. They fixed the poor spin control that plagued part 2 and restored the ability to continuously bounce dead enemies on your head for major bonus points. This is also the only Bonk game on the TurboGrafx that features a 2-player mode! If Bonk 3 has anything resembling a fault, it's the soundtrack, which isn't as consistently strong as the previous two games. The good tunes here are absolutely great but there are a number of fairly unmemorable numbers as well. Unlike parts 1 and 2 which share a few songs, the entire soundtrack for part 3 is completely original. If you're a newcomer to the system, this is the Bonk game to seek out. There was also a CD version released with a redbook soundtrack and additional bonus games, but believe it or not the CD music isn't as good. Do yourself a favor and find the cartridge. Although you may want to hunt down the Japanese version, as the US-region cart is pretty pricey these days. This is the Turbo's mascot in his best appearance on the system, folks. Solid 10/10.
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