Populous / ポピュラス  
Name   JP   Populous / ポピュラス  
Release date   04/05/1991 (¥7800)
Developer   Hudson/Alfa System, Bullfrog/Electronic Arts / ハドソン/アルファ・システム
Publisher   Hudson/Alfa System, Bullfrog/Electronic Arts / ハドソン/アルファ・システム
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Simulation
Product number   HC91041
Release Type   Normal
Hudson Volume   37
CD Case
populous_jp_1   populous_jp_2    
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Score: 7.5 / 10
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Added on 05/17/2014 19:19:39 by woolfman
I never played it on the PC when it came out...so it was a premiere for me after 20 years on the PCE. I am stuck now on a level that is frustratingly hard to play, and I cant seem to beat the computer...but apart from that it is a cool game!

Added on 05/10/2014 14:42:56 by opticalnoise
This is a fairly solid Populous port. Most of my experience with console Populous ports is with the SNES, and this version holds up graphically, but fails somewhat in the control department. To scroll on the map, you have to move your cursor to a map corner, and I find this to be very odd (In the SNES version, you could scroll from any edge of the map). Not a big fan of the music in this version, but Populous has never been famous for it's music. Pretty ok! My Score: 7/10

Added on 01/24/2010 15:03:55 by dongloton
Classic real time strategy game. May seem too complex for some.
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