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Name   JP   Power League II / パワーリーグII  
Release date   08/08/1989 (¥5800)
Developer   Hudson / ハドソン
Publisher   Hudson / ハドソン
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Sports
Product number   HC89020
Release Type   Normal
Hudson Volume   20
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Score: 6.5 / 10
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Added on 05/10/2014 14:32:47 by opticalnoise
Great graphics, music, and gameplay make this a must have for multi-player sports game fans. However, I reiterate that I recommend this game ONLY for multi-player sports game fans. I say this because like other PC Engine baseball games, the AI player is simply too difficult. It cheats in that it never strikes out, it always catches every pop fly, and all of it's hits go all the way to the edge of the outfield if not a straight up home run. The AI player will win every time without fail, as no human element or error percentage exists in it's programming. I recommend this game if you plan to play against another human being sitting next to you, and not the AI. That is a lot more fun. My score: 6/10
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