Tale Spin  
Name   US   Tale Spin  
    JP   Spin Pair / スピンペア  
Release date   1991
Developer   Nec / Disney
Publisher   Nec / Disney
Medium   HuCard (4 Mbits)
Genre   Puzzle
Product number   TGX040056
Release Type   Normal
CD Case
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Score: 5.5 / 10
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Added on 09/25/2016 21:34:26 by samlepirate1
I don't think that's the same as spin pair

Added on 07/18/2013 22:36:29 by Bardoly
My friend and I beat this game recently. This platformer is really not too bad. It is definitely harder than the children who would have been watching the TV show that this is based on. I must say, that after the first four platforming levels, the shoot-'em-up level and the spy/avoidance level were a bit of a surprise, but it came back in the end to a platforming level to wrap things up.

Anyway, give this game a chance, and remember that back in the day, because games were usually shorter, developers had to make games harder to compensate for that, so when compared to many, many other games released around the same time, the difficulty of this game isn't quite a bad.

I did have to rate this as a solid '5' out of 10, which in my book is completely average.
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