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Name   JP   Street Fighter II - Champion Edition / ストリートファイターII'  
Release date   06/12/1993 (¥9800)
Developer   NEC Home Electronics / NECホームエレクトロニクス
Publisher   NEC Home Electronics / NECホームエレクトロニクス
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Action
Product number   HE93002
Release Type   Normal
CD Case
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Added on 12/28/2017 00:18:13 by woolfman
Great fun to play, especially TOGETHER. Go get a partner to play against - it´s a must! 90ies flair at its best. Wish I had the game back then.

Added on 07/30/2010 20:33:56 by policenaut
This version shines! I just like to clear some doubts and confusions regarding Balrog, Vega and Bison:

In Japan, Bison is named Vega, Balrog is named M.Bison and Vega is named Balrog.

Other than that, aside a few missing things here and there, this game is a programming marvel, it is weird to think that Fighting Street was made years before and in CD-ROM² format though.

Added on 03/06/2010 14:28:36 by JapanTokei
Good SF2 translation. Always fun to play over and over even after all these years.
The PC Engine version has an annoying mistake though ==> Amazingly the developers somehow swapped Vega, Balrog, M.Bison's names! Bison is called Vega, Balrog is called M. Bison, Vega is Balrog.. go figure. They even printed the manual as such!!

Added on 08/29/2008 15:23:49 by Adol
For information,this game AND Populous are the 2 hucard games that DO have spine card :)
CD games are not the only ones to have such thing.

Added on 11/12/2007 00:58:28 by SignOfZeta
This was the best version of Street Fighter II from the time it was release until SFII' Turbo for Super Famicom mere months later. This is, in my opinion, the one game that really shows what good programing and a lot of ROM can do. Its not as amazing as some people claim it to be though. The audio samples all cancel each other out, the burning barrel stage is still missing, as are a row of elephants from Dhalsim's stage. Best fighter on PC Engine though.
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