Tsuppari Ouzumou Heiseiban / つっぱり大相撲 平成版  
Name   JP   Tsuppari Ouzumou Heiseiban / つっぱり大相撲 平成版  
Release date   02/19/1993 (¥6800)
Developer   naxat/Tecmo / ナグザット/テクモ
Publisher   naxat/Tecmo / ナグザット/テクモ
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Sports
Product number   NX92002
Release Type   Normal
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Score: 5.0 / 10
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Added on 07/22/2012 12:13:25 by JapanTokei
seems pretty pricey these days (~$30+), and doesn't show up often, but when I actually played this I thought it was kinda plain.
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