Violent Soldier / バイオレントソルジャー  
Name   JP   Violent Soldier / バイオレントソルジャー  
    US   Sinistron  
Release date   12/14/1990 (¥6400)
Developer   IGS (Information Global Service)/Alfa System / アイ・ジー・エス/アルファ・システム
Publisher   IGS (Information Global Service)/Alfa System / アイ・ジー・エス/アルファ・システム
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Shoot'em Up Horizontal
Product number   AI02005
Release Type   Normal
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Score: 8.0 / 10
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Added on 08/27/2012 15:50:36 by CIT
Nice game, but the final two stages are pure hell! This is hands down the most difficult PC Engine game to beat on one credit.
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