Xevious Fadraut Densetsu / ゼビウス ファードラウト伝説  
Name   JP   Xevious Fadraut Densetsu / ゼビウス ファードラウト伝説  
Release date   06/29/1990 (¥5500)
Developer   Namcot / ナムコ
Publisher   Namcot / ナムコ
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Shoot'em Up Vertical
Product number   NC90004
Release Type   Normal
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Score: 8.0 / 10
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Added on 04/27/2008 17:00:25 by Nintega
This is a great port of the arcade shmup that paved the way for more vertical scrolling games. It has the original game and a special Fardraut mode which is like a new game with cutscenes, power-ups, and more types of enemies. If you like Xevious, I really recommend this. 9/10
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