Bull Fight / ブルファイト リングの覇者  
Name   JP   Bull Fight / ブルファイト リングの覇者  
Release date   12/08/1989 (¥6300)
Developer   Cream / クリーム
Publisher   Cream / クリーム
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Sports
Product number   CC-01001
Release Type   Normal
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Score: 1.5 / 10
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Added on 07/06/2018 20:43:21 by Gao
Well this is some awkward, unresponsive garbage. I finally managed to beat "Fighting" mode, which alternates between Kung Fu style single plane beat-em-up levels and boxing matches. I actually kind of like the idea of doing that, particularly mixing in RPG elements through the shop, but the execution is pretty bad. The beat-em-up parts are really stiff, they have the jump and attack buttons swapped, you can only jump straight up, and you keep getting hit by a stack of throwing knives that will suddenly come in from the left, giving you almost no time to jump over them. In order to pass these sections, you need to buy a $30 boxing permit every single fight for some reason, or it makes you start the level over (though I think you keep the upgrades you buy when you do this, so it might be useful to grind). Most of the boxing matches can be won just by setting the punch button to max rapid fire and holding it down, occasionally pressing right to switch to a hook if the opponents get too close. There is some sort of super punch you can do, but I never figured it out (I don't have a manual), and the only tough opponent was this one guy who could build his up fast. But I still beat him in like 3 or 4 tries.

This is one of the biggest pieces of kusoge on the platform. I found it kind of endearing in its shittiness, but if you're not the kind of dork who gets enjoyment from playing garbage, do not play this.
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