Ys III - Wanderers From Ys / イースIII ワンダラーズフロムイース  
Name   JP   Ys III - Wanderers From Ys / イースIII ワンダラーズフロムイース  
    US   Ys 3 - Wanderers From Ys  
Release date   03/22/1991 (¥7200)
Developer   Hudson/Alfa System/Falcom / ハドソン/アルファ・システム/日本ファルコム
Publisher   Hudson/Alfa System/Falcom / ハドソン/アルファ・システム/日本ファルコム
Medium   CD-ROM²
Genre   Action Role Playing Game
Product number   HCD0015
Release Type   Normal
CD Case
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Score: 9.0 / 10
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Added on 01/24/2010 15:23:09 by dongloton
Wonderful music. 2D action. Horrible scrolling. Worth your money.

Added on 04/21/2009 20:36:10 by ShiroKusanagi
Journey into Felghana with Adol and Dogi. 10 of 10!
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