Ai Chouaniki / 愛・超兄貴  
Name   JP   Ai Chouaniki / 愛・超兄貴  
Release date   02/24/1995 (¥8900)
Developer   Masaya (NCS) / メサイヤ(日本コンピューターシステム)
Publisher   Masaya (NCS) / メサイヤ(日本コンピューターシステム)
Medium   Super CD-ROM²
Genre   Shoot'em Up Horizontal / Vertical
Product number   NSCD5018
Release Type   Normal
Number of players   1
Rarity   Common
Japanese language skills needed   Low
CD Case
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Added on 10/27/2012 03:30:22 by Keranu
Looks like the info on this page could use a little tweaking. Ai Cho Aniki is two players and is fairly common on eBay.

Added on 11/07/2011 05:29:30 by IndianPCEfan4life
Good game, But your hit box is toooo big!

Added on 01/10/2011 22:07:58 by ddd123
Nice game, But quite easy and short. 7/10

Added on 09/07/2010 08:29:37 by Smashed_Brother
Actually this game is 2-player simultaneous

Added on 05/29/2008 22:42:40 by MurderDater
Fantastic !

Added on 01/19/2008 17:06:35 by Hinomura
Weirdest game ever !!!

Added on 11/02/2007 11:34:13 by Shadow
Geile Shit! aber mit Bitches wärs mehrbesser ;-)
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