Akumajou Dracula X - Chi No Rondo / 悪魔城ドラキュラX 血の輪廻 Buy at Playasia!  
Name   JP   Akumajou Dracula X - Chi No Rondo / 悪魔城ドラキュラX 血の輪廻  
Release date   10/29/1993 (¥7800)
Developer   Konami / コナミ
Publisher   Konami / コナミ
Medium   Super CD-ROM²
Genre   Action
Product number   KMCD3005
Release Type   Normal
Number of players   1
Rarity   Rare
Japanese language skills needed   Low
Special   German intro
CD Case
akumajyou_dracula_x_chi_no_rondo_jp_2   akumajou_dracula_x_chi_no_rondo_(rinne)_jp_6   akumajou_dracula_x_-_chi_no_rondo_jp_11
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Added on 10/14/2017 05:13:52 by lukester
outstanding, beautiful, and intricate! There aren't many games better than this!

Added on 08/12/2015 05:07:19 by NightWolve
One of the reasons you should own a NEC console, it's Castlevania x 10!!!! One of the best action games for the platform and there's now even an English fan translation patch for it as well using most English dubs from the hidden translated version Konami released with "Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles" for the Sony PSP!!!

Added on 10/19/2012 01:28:15 by Keranu
How can this game be considered rare if it's the fourth most collected game on PCE Daisakusen?

Added on 10/16/2012 22:38:00 by Bardoly
This game is great!
...and I agree that those who have it and have never beaten it need to do so.

Added on 04/23/2012 05:57:21 by ELabit
I can't believe how many people own this but have never played through it and cleared it. It's so badass!

Added on 01/29/2009 19:38:44 by HypeG
C'mon man. It's CASTLEVANIA for cryin' out loud!!!

Added on 04/30/2008 11:55:07 by vicviper
One of the greatest soundtracks and carefully put together Engine classics. What a game!!!

Added on 04/27/2008 15:15:15 by Nintega
Doesn't take knowing rocket science to know this is easily one of the best PCE games out there. Castlevania (in 2D) never dissapoints. 10/10

Added on 11/25/2007 02:12:20 by m.o.terra-kaesi
Yes it is. Someone must have typed wrong.

Added on 11/16/2007 04:55:03 by Tatsujin
c'mon guys'n'sissies. this one is a pure 10/10 game!! as best as it gets :)
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