Exile: Wicked Phenomenon  
Name   US   Exile: Wicked Phenomenon  
    JP   Exile II - Janen No Jishou / エグザイルII ~邪念の事象~  
Release date   1993
Developer   -
Publisher   -
Medium   Super CD-ROM²
Genre   Role Playing Game
Product number   -
Release Type   Normal
CD Case
exile:_wicked_phenomenon_us_1   exile:_wicked_phenomenon_us_2    
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Score: 4.0 / 10
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Added on 05/27/2012 04:46:33 by Keranu
nat sums this game up very well. I really hoped this game would be the shit since you could switch between characters -- what a fun, novel idea! Too bad the adventure and gameplay doesn't live up to the concept.

Added on 11/09/2008 07:24:59 by nat
The second game in the series, Exile II- Wicked Phenomenon is a game you really want to like. It has a lot going for it-- great graphics with layered backgrounds, lots of color, good music, and classic Working Designs humorous overtones in the dialogue. The first installment fell a little short on substance and I was really hoping E2 would flesh out that aspect for the second adventure. Alas, it was not to be. Not only does Exile II have that same "short" feeling to it, but Working Designs completely destroyed the gameplay. Where the first journey lacked challenge, Exile II has had the difficulty ramped up so high it's ridiculous. It feels artificial. One hit from an enemy takes half your life bar. Two hits and your toast, whereas you have to hack away 20 times at a foe before he drops. Also absent here, for the most part, are the maze-like areas that required exploration in order to complete your objective. Level designs in E2 are linear, uninspired that follow a very formulaic tunnel-door-tunnel scheme. The final "battle" is also a major joke, so much so I have a hard time even calling it a fight. Don't let this fool you though-- the trip to get there is not an easy one and many people give up long before reaching the end. Sadly, as one of the later US releases, E2 tends to fetch higher prices (in the $50+ range) and is just not worth the cash you'll have to spend on it. It'd make a great $5 title to waste time with, as at least the presentation and aesthetics are home runs, but the sad fact is Exile 2- Wicked Phenomenon lacks the elements that REALLY matter in a videogame. 4/10.

Added on 02/20/2008 04:31:56 by guyjin
released 1993.
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