Double Dungeons  
Name   US   Double Dungeons  
    JP   Double Dungeons / ダブルダンジョン  
Release date   1990 ($59.99)
Developer   Nec / NCS
Publisher   Nec / NCS
Medium   HuCard (2 Mbits)
Genre   Role Playing Game
Product number   TGX020036
Release Type   Normal
CD Case
double_dungeons_us_1   double_dungeons_us_2    
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Score: 7.5 / 10
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Added on 05/07/2009 12:17:02 by dongloton
Didn´t like it at all. Not my kind of game.

Added on 08/27/2008 15:53:34 by CooperTeam9000
This is one tough RPG, having graph paper really helps here. Definitely need to take notes as you go. Dungeon 22 is very tough, but you know you going the right way when you fight 3 dragons.
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