Star Parodier / スター パロジャー  
Name   JP   Star Parodier / スター パロジャー  
Release date   04/24/1992 (¥6800)
Developer   Hudson / ハドソン
Publisher   Hudson / ハドソン
Medium   Super CD-ROM² (1 CD)
Genre   Shoot'em Up Vertical
Product number   HCD2024
Release Type   Normal
Number of players   1
Rarity   Uncommon
Japanese language skills needed   Low
CD Case
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Score: 9.0 / 10
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Added on 06/22/2015 07:40:03 by Bardoly
Well, I played through and beat this game today using the PC Engine ship. I plan to eventually play through it using the other 2 ships. The option to choose 3 different ships with different power ups is quite nice and definitely adds to the replayability of this game. Is is quite fun to play, and while it is rather easy for the first few levels, it does get more difficult in the later stages for sure. I rated this game as a '9' out of 10, which if it had 2-player support, I would give it a 10. This is definitely one of the best PC Engine shoot-'em-ups, so if you like the genre, then you'll love this game.

Added on 06/26/2011 06:16:40 by roflmao
This is one of my favorite games for the system.

Added on 04/29/2011 21:24:54 by ddd123
Amazing fockin game man....
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