Tenchi O Kurau / 天地を喰らう  
Name   JP   Tenchi O Kurau / 天地を喰らう  
Release date   06/17/1994 (¥7800)
Developer   NEC Avenue/Capcom / NECアベニュー/カプコン
Publisher   NEC Avenue/Capcom / NECアベニュー/カプコン
Medium   Super CD-ROM²
Genre   Action
Product number   NAPR-1030
Release Type   Normal
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Score: 7.5 / 10
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Added on 05/17/2014 19:24:21 by woolfman
Be prepared for some intense flickering of your character. Apart from that it has great graphics/music and the gameplay is very smooth. Unfortunately no 2 player mode.

Added on 07/07/2010 09:56:59 by JapanTokei_forever
good game, very faithful translation of the hit arcade game. BUT, and a big but - 2 player option was removed. besides that everything is flawless. 8/10
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