Tokimeki Memorial / ときめきメモリアル  
Name   JP   Tokimeki Memorial / ときめきメモリアル  
Release date   05/27/1994 (¥8800)
Developer   Konami / コナミ
Publisher   Konami / コナミ
Medium   Super CD-ROM²
Genre   Simulation
Product number   KMCD4007
Release Type   Normal
You can unlock two hidden games within Tokimeki Memorial: One is TwinBee Returns, a timed version of the first TwinBee game. The other is a mecha shooter called Force Gear which contains a lot of Gradius elements. The save states for the MagicEngine are listed in the Omake section below. tokimeki_memorial_jp_1
CD Case
tokimeki_memorial_jp_1   tokimeki_memorial_jp_2    
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Added on 04/21/2009 20:32:11 by ShiroKusanagi
Tokimeki Memorial: The game that pretty much founded the dating sim genre. Its sequels and spinoffs are too numerous to count! EASILY one of the most famous bishoujo games of all time!

Added on 05/19/2008 21:02:04 by Shadow
One of the last PC Engine secrets revealed: Force Gear and TwinBee Returns. Gotta love the PC Engine!

Added on 05/19/2008 10:36:54 by Reinforced
I need that Game... looks good the the bonus shooter
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