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  Name Year Medium Version

Aero Blasters 1990 HuCard US
Air Zonk 1992 HuCard US
Alien Crush 1989 HuCard US
André Panza Kick Boxing 1991 HuCard US
Battle Royale 1990 HuCard US
Beyond Shadowgate   Super CD-ROM² US
Blazing Lazers 1989 HuCard US
Bloody Wolf 1990 HuCard US
Bomberman 1991 HuCard US
Bomberman '93 1993 HuCard US
Bonk's Adventure 1990 HuCard US
Bonk's Revenge 1991 HuCard US
Boxy Boy 1990 HuCard US
Bravoman 1990 HuCard US
Buster Brothers   CD-ROM² US
Cadash 1991 HuCard US
Camp California   Super CD-ROM² US
Champions Forever Boxing 1991 HuCard US
Chase HQ 1992 HuCard US
Chew-Man-Fu 1990 HuCard US
China Warrior 1989 HuCard US
Cosmic Fantasy 2   CD-ROM² US
Cratermaze 1990 HuCard US
Cyber Core 1990 HuCard US
Darkwing Duck 1992 HuCard US
Davis Cup Tennis 1991 HuCard US
Dead Moon 1991 HuCard US
Deep Blue 1989 HuCard US
Devil's Crush 1990 HuCard US
Double Dungeons 1990 HuCard US
Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes   Super CD-ROM² US
Dragon Spirit 1989 HuCard US
Dragon's Curse 1990 HuCard US
Drop Off 1990 HuCard US
Dungeon Explorer 1989 HuCard US
Dungeon Explorer 2 1993 Super CD-ROM² US
Dungeon Master 1993 Super CD-ROM² US
Exile 1992 CD-ROM² US
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon 1993 Super CD-ROM² US
Fantasy Zone 1989 HuCard US
Final Lap Twin 1989 HuCard US
Final Zone 2   CD-ROM² US
Galaga '90 1989 HuCard US
Gate Of Thunder   Super CD-ROM² US
Ghost Manor 1992 HuCard US
Hit The Ice 1992 HuCard US
Implode 2002 Super CD-ROM² US
Impossamole 1991 HuCard US
It Came from the Desert   CD-ROM² US
J.B. Harold Murder Club   CD-ROM² US
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