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  Name Year Medium Version

Air Zonk 1992 HuCard US
Alien Crush 1989 HuCard US
André Panza Kick Boxing 1991 HuCard US
Battle Royale 1990 HuCard US
Blazing Lazers 1989 HuCard US
Bloody Wolf 1990 HuCard US
Bomberman 1991 HuCard US
Bonk's Adventure 1990 HuCard US
Bonk's Revenge 1991 HuCard US
Buster Brothers   CD-ROM² US
Cosmic Fantasy 2   CD-ROM² US
Cratermaze 1990 HuCard US
Double Dungeons 1990 HuCard US
Dragon Spirit 1989 HuCard US
Dungeon Explorer 1989 HuCard US
Fantasy Zone 1989 HuCard US
Final Lap Twin 1989 HuCard US
Gate Of Thunder   Super CD-ROM² US
Hit The Ice 1992 HuCard US
Implode 2002 Super CD-ROM² US
John Madden DUO CD Football   Super CD-ROM² US
Keith Courage In Alpha Zones 1989 HuCard US
Last Alert   CD-ROM² US
Loom   Super CD-ROM² US
Lords Of Thunder   Super CD-ROM² US
Meteor Blaster DX   Super CD-ROM² US
Monster Lair   CD-ROM² US
Night Creatures 1992 HuCard US
Ninja Spirit 1990 HuCard US
Order Of The Griffon 1992 HuCard US
Pac Land 1989 HuCard US
Power Golf 1989 HuCard US
Raiden 1991 HuCard US
Riot Zone   Super CD-ROM² US
Shadow Of The Beast   Super CD-ROM² US
Shape Shifter   Super CD-ROM² US
Sherlock Holmes Vol.1   CD-ROM² US
Silent Debuggers 1991 HuCard US
Sonic Spike 1990 HuCard US
Splatterhouse 1990 HuCard US
Takin' It To The Hoop 1989 HuCard US
The Legendary Axe 1989 HuCard US
The Legendary Axe II 1990 HuCard US
Tiger Road 1990 HuCard US
TV Sports Basketball 1991 HuCard US
TV Sports Football 1990 HuCard US
TV Sports Hockey 1991 HuCard US
Victory Run 1989 HuCard US
Vigilante 1989 HuCard US
World Class Baseball 1989 HuCard US
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