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  Name Year Medium Version

The Ninja Warriors / ニンジャウォーリアーズ 1989 HuCard JP
Tenseiryu / Saint Dragon / 天聖龍 1990 HuCard JP
Toilet Kids / トイレキッズ 1992 HuCard JP
The Addams Family   CD-ROM² US
TV Sports Football 1990 HuCard US
Time Cruise 1992 HuCard US
Time Ball 1990 HuCard US
Tiger Road 1990 HuCard US
Tale Spin 1991 HuCard US
Takin' It To The Hoop 1989 HuCard US
The Legendary Axe II 1990 HuCard US
The Legendary Axe 1989 HuCard US
TurboDuo 3-in-1 Pack-In disc 1992 Super CD-ROM² US
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