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  Name Year Medium Version

Blazing Lazers 1989 HuCard US
Cosmic Fantasy 2   CD-ROM² US
Davis Cup Tennis 1991 HuCard US
Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes   Super CD-ROM² US
Dungeon Explorer 2 1993 Super CD-ROM² US
Dungeon Master 1993 Super CD-ROM² US
Exile 1992 CD-ROM² US
Exile: Wicked Phenomenon 1993 Super CD-ROM² US
Final Zone 2   CD-ROM² US
Implode 2002 Super CD-ROM² US
Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf   CD-ROM² US
Loom   Super CD-ROM² US
Lords Of The Rising Sun   CD-ROM² US
Meteor Blaster DX   Super CD-ROM² US
Neutopia 1990 HuCard US
Shadow Of The Beast   Super CD-ROM² US
Shape Shifter   Super CD-ROM² US
TV Sports Basketball 1991 HuCard US
Ys - Book I & II   CD-ROM² US
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