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  Name Year Medium Version

J.B. Harold Murder Club   CD-ROM² US
Magical Dinosaur Tour   CD-ROM² US
Monster Lair   CD-ROM² US
Last Alert   CD-ROM² US
Lords Of The Rising Sun   CD-ROM² US
Sherlock Holmes Vol.1   CD-ROM² US
Ys - Book I & II   CD-ROM² US
Loom   Super CD-ROM² US
Shadow Of The Beast   Super CD-ROM² US
Shape Shifter   Super CD-ROM² US
Sim Earth   Super CD-ROM² US
The Addams Family   CD-ROM² US
Camp California   Super CD-ROM² US
It Came from the Desert   CD-ROM² US
Dungeon Explorer 1989 HuCard US
The Legendary Axe 1989 HuCard US
Pac Land 1989 HuCard US
World Court Tennis 1989 HuCard US
Silent Debuggers 1991 HuCard US
Exile 1992 CD-ROM² US
Gun Boat 1992 HuCard US
TurboDuo 3-in-1 Pack-In disc 1992 Super CD-ROM² US
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