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  Name Year Medium Version

Silent Debuggers 1991 HuCard US
Sim Earth   Super CD-ROM² US
Sinistron 1991 HuCard US
Soldier Blade 1992 HuCard US
Somer Assault 1992 HuCard US
Sonic Spike 1990 HuCard US
Space Harrier 1989 HuCard US
Splash Lake   CD-ROM² US
Splatterhouse 1990 HuCard US
Super Air Zonk   Super CD-ROM² US
Super Star Soldier 1991 HuCard US
Super System Card ver.3.0 1992 HuCard US
Super Volley Ball 1990 HuCard US
Syd Mead's Terraforming   Super CD-ROM² US
Takin' It To The Hoop 1989 HuCard US
Tale Spin 1991 HuCard US
The Addams Family   CD-ROM² US
The Legendary Axe 1989 HuCard US
The Legendary Axe II 1990 HuCard US
Tiger Road 1990 HuCard US
Time Ball 1990 HuCard US
Time Cruise 1992 HuCard US
Tricky Kick 1990 HuCard US
Turbografx CD ver.2.0   HuCard US
Turrican 1991 HuCard US
TV Sports Basketball 1991 HuCard US
TV Sports Football 1990 HuCard US
TV Sports Hockey 1991 HuCard US
Valis 2   CD-ROM² US
Valis 3   CD-ROM² US
Vasteel   CD-ROM² US
Veigues Tactical Gladiator 1990 HuCard US
Victory Run 1989 HuCard US
Vigilante 1989 HuCard US
World Class Baseball 1989 HuCard US
World Court Tennis 1989 HuCard US
World Sports Competition 1992 HuCard US
Yo, Bro 1991 HuCard US
Ys - Book I & II   CD-ROM² US
Ys 3 - Wanderers From Ys   CD-ROM² US
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