Bloody Wolf  
名前   US   Bloody Wolf  
    JP   ならずもの戦闘部隊 BLOODY WOLF / Bloody Wolf  
発売日   1990年 ($49.99)
開発部   Nec / Data East
発行者   Nec / Data East
メディア   HuCard (4 Mbits)
ジャンル   Action
型番/品番   TGX040037
変種   ノーマル
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Added on 2015年08月12日 05:58:28 by NightWolve
I actually won this game along with Keith Courage and a TG-16 system am proud to say!

Story time! So it goes something like this:

I found a contest in a Sunday Chicago Sun Times newspaper on August 19, 1990...

NEC was "looking" for 750 "Turbo Titans..." Heh-heh. So it was apart of a promotion in Chicago basically.

The form asked 5 questions about the endings of NES games. I rented NES games every weekend so I had pretty much played all the games they were asking about except for one if I recall correctly. I remember Castlevania II was asked about, like what happens at the ending or about how you crouch at a certain point in the game... Something like that... One of the games I had to play again to refresh myself in order to answer that particular question.

So yeah, I answered all the questions, mailed the form in, then forgot all about it...

So Christmas comes along and my mom curiously enough had a big box of a present for me that year. We were kinda poor and a big present like that from her was unusual so it seemed a little suspicious. Anyway, I open it up and lo and behold, it's a TG-16 system with Keith Courage and Bloody Wolf!!!!!

So I'm like WHAT THE F--K?!?! Apparently it had arrived in November via UPS and she intercepted it! For some reason, her brain came up with "the plan" to hide and wrap it up to offer as a Christmas gift down the road (like I'd be fooled into thinking it came from her), so I got to enjoy the damn thing like a month and a half later after having successfully won it! Man, I yelled at her for a long time about that!!! WTF?? Who does that? Well, my mom did!!! Unbelievable! Child abuse, I say!

Luckily, I saved the top portion of the contest. The bottom part was the form with the questions, but that was obviously cut out and mailed... Too bad, I'm kinda curious about what the questions were. I tried googling for info about this, but you can't find anything...


Added on 2013年10月01日 06:02:53 by ELabit
dude that last boss SUCKS SO BAD

Added on 2010年10月07日 20:39:29 by chany60126
It is a fun game to pick and play. Lots of cool weapons available at your disposal. My favorite is the flamethrower. I just find it hilarious how enemies will spin away from the screen if they are hit by grenades. There is nothing like wrecking havoc when you run over enemies with a chopper! The only bad thing about this game is that there tends to be a lot of slowdown when there are lots of enemies on-screen, but it doesn't happen too often. A two-player co-op mode would have been nice. I find the difficulty to be just right, although it will take quite a few tries to down the last boss. There aren't many run n' gunners on the turbo, I recommend it.
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