Soldier Blade  
名前   US   Soldier Blade  
    JP   ソルジャーブレイド / Soldier Blade  
発売日   1992年
開発部   Hudson Soft
発行者   Hudson Soft
メディア   HuCard (4 Mbits)
ジャンル   Shoot'em Up Vertical
型番/品番   TGX040082
変種   ノーマル
soldier_blade_us_1   soldier_blade_us_2    
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スコーア: 9.5 / 10
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Added on 2010年12月10日 15:43:47 by Obfuscate
This may be my favorite shooter, even over Got and LoT. The caravan mode is my favorite caravan mode on any shooter I've played which is why I may give it the edge. 10/10 hands down IMO.

Added on 2008年03月29日 06:46:20 by nat
4th and final entry in the Gunhed/Soldier series, they sure went out with a bang on this one. Bigger bosses & awesome thumpin' music is the name of the game here. I prefer Final Soldier's (Soldier Blade's predecessor) ability to hand-select armament before play over the weaponry offered in this outing, but gameplay is what you've come to expect from the series and level design is top-notch. IMO this game ties neck-in-neck with the aforementioned Final Soldier for 2nd place in the series. 9/10.
US   Blazing Lazers  
US   Super Star Soldier  
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