Crazy Hospital: Fushigi No Kuni No Tenshi  
名前   JP   Crazy Hospital: Fushigi No Kuni No Tenshi  
発売日   -
開発部   -
発行者   -
メディア   Super CD-ROM²
ジャンル   -
型番/品番   -
変種   ノーマル
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スコーア: 5.0 / 10
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Added on 2010年06月14日 11:09:11 by JapanTokei_forever
This is an unlicensed digital advanture/comic type game with what I assume perverted game scheme.
It is one of the rarest titles made for the PCE and tough to find. I bought it recently when it came my way. Not easy to play if you don't read Japanese, and some menus were repetitive, as were the music, but it's being kept in my collection due to its rarity. Does not come with a Spine card originally. Instruction is just the CD art cover slip and nothing else.
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