Shinobi / 忍  
Name   JP   Shinobi / 忍  
Veröffentlichung   08.12.1989 (¥6800)
Developer   Asmik/Dual/Sega / アスミック/デュアル/セガ
Publisher   Asmik/Dual/Sega / アスミック/デュアル/セガ
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Action
Produktnummer   AS01001
Spielart   Normal
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Score: 7.0 / 10
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Verfasst am 05.10.2009 17:11:34 von HypeG
The feelings toward this game are mixed. First off, visually and music wise it's the closest you'll ever get to the arcade game, where enemies get free easy one-hit kills.

However, due to the PC Engine's limitations, Asmik had to remove alot of key elements from the arcade. Removed material included:

> The shuriken bonus stages
> Weapon upgrades (Shuriken to bullets)
> Close range combat (i.e. punches, kicks, katana)
> The real mission 2 from the arcade with the Black Turtle helicopter as the boss

what's even worse, the lack of close range combat and weapon upgrade contributes to the painful difficulty. Know what that means? You'll have to tolerate the annoying mindgames of those pesky ninjas that come out of thin air in many different colors, when they psych you out by guarding your shuriken and leaving you guessing on their actions.

After all that said, I presume this version will be a turn-off to the expert Shinobi players that did close range only runs in the arcade.

If Asmik put this on CDROM2 format instead of Hucard (No Super CDROM2, considering this was 1989), it would've been THE ideal home conversion of Shinobi ever.
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