Bikkuri World / ビックリマンワールド  
Name   JP   Bikkuri World / ビックリマンワールド  
Veröffentlichung   30.10.1987 (¥4500)
Developer   Hudson / ハドソン
Publisher   Hudson / ハドソン
Medium   HuCard
Genre   Action
Produktnummer   HC62002
Spielart   Normal
Anzahl Spieler   1
Seltenheit   Weitverbreitet
Benötigte Japanischkenntnisse   Wenig
Hudson Volume   2
CD Case
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Verfasst am 22.07.2012 12:37:56 von JapanTokei
would be 10/10 if it had a password/save feature

Verfasst am 22.07.2012 12:37:29 von JapanTokei
one of the must-own classics imo. fun to play it over and over, never gets old!! 9/10.

Verfasst am 21.03.2010 09:01:13 von Tatsujin
WORD! the BGs are alomst 100% arcade acurate. so are the colors!

Verfasst am 15.12.2009 08:01:03 von nat
"Much" of the graphics were not changed. Go play it again.

Verfasst am 08.07.2009 03:19:35 von omotai
And the main character was changed as well. Much of the graphics were changed for this version, because Sega owns the "Wonder Boy" trademark and the characters in the game, but not the game software itself (this is why there are so many rebranded Wonder Boy games on the PCE -- the developer of the games changed it enough to be legal and then ported to the PC Engine, as it was more popular in Japan than the Mega Drive).

Verfasst am 30.05.2008 00:37:07 von Retro-Nerd
I guess, they changed the shopkeeper graphics too. But anyway, this is of course the best arcade port of this Sega classic. Graphics, music, controls, scrolling, everything is top notch. A true gem.

My Rating: 9/10

Verfasst am 06.11.2007 07:27:06 von nat
This is the PCE port of the SEGA game "Wonderboy in Monster Land." The boss characters have been changed, but the game is otherwise intact. It is a very close arcade port-- far better than the SEGA Mark III/Master System conversion. This game is total classic, and one of my favorite games of all time. This port remained by far the best "vintage" home port of the arcade pendant right up until recent (emulated) retro arcade collections started coming out on last-generation consoles. Fans of the Wonderboy/Monster World series will love this. I give this game 9/10.
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