Riot Zone  
名前   US   Riot Zone  
    JP   クレスト・オブ・ウルフ 狼的紋章 / Crest Of Wolf  
発売日   -
開発部   -
発行者   -
メディア   Super CD-ROM²
ジャンル   Action
型番/品番   -
変種   ノーマル
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スコーア: 7.0 / 10
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Added on 2011年06月25日 22:20:31 by Gao
It's pretty much a run of the mill Final Fight knockoff. It's not done poorly (aside from the bizarre lack of a 2 player mode), but there's nothing that makes it stand out aside from the near complete lack of other beat-em-ups on the console.

Added on 2008年08月27日 18:04:43 by CooperTeam9000
Pretty much a Streets Of Rage/Final Fight knock-off, but still a fun game to play. Totally agrees with Locklan about the game, it's a bit of a surprise that there is not much interaction other than beating up the bad guys.

Added on 2008年05月26日 07:32:08 by Lochlan
This beat 'em up has a fun fighting system and good (if generic) presentation. Unfortunately, only 3 enemies are ever on-screen at once (probably due to memory limitations), severely lowering the difficulty. The game also drags on a little too long and the feature-list is non-existant (no 2-player, no destructable objects, no vehicles, etc.). Despite its flaws, Riot Zone is not a bad way to waste some time for fans of the genre.
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